What Happened to the Allied Mills?

So which Allied Paper Mills are left standing and in business, if any? Here is the current status as of November 2010:

  • Bardeen Mill - This paper mill was bought by Menasha in the 1930's and sold to US Gypsum in 2006. It remains open in 2021. A coating operation remained with Allied until closure in 1956.

  • Rex Mill - closed and demolished in the late 60's or early 70's.

  • King Mill - closed and demolished in 1977.

  • Monarch Mill - closed and demolished in 1982.

  • Bryant Mill - close and demolished in 2004/2005/2008.

  • Jackson, Alabama Mill - Bought by Boise Cascade and is still in operation.

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Last Edited by JMW 01/11/21