Ten Fun Facts about Allied Paper

1.    There was a movie filmed at the Bryant Mill. It was commissioned in the 1960s by the American Bible Society and called “Spirit in the Tree”.

2.  In 1967 Allied Paper was the second largest employer in the City of Kalamazoo.

3.  Well-known Michigan artist Cornelius Van Fulpen was employed at the Bryant Mill for 41 years.

4.  Heavily altered photos of electrical equipment in the Bryant Mill were used in the 1996 video game Resident Evil.

5.  The current Goodwill building on Alcott St in Kalamazoo was once the research laboratories for the Bryant Mill

6.  The Bryant Mill was once owned by the magazine Time.

7.  The four major buildings at the Bryant Mill were originally the Superior, Imperial, Milham and Bryant Mills. These were later known as Mills A, B, C, D and E.

8.  In the 1950s Allied Paper owned the Max Eckhardt and Sons Ornament Corporation, makers of the well-known "Shiny-Brite" Christmas tree ornaments.

9.  The “new” power house at the Bryant Mill was built in 1922. It was demolished in 2008.

10.The two Allied Paper mills still in operation are in Otsego, Michigan and Jackson, Alabama.

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Last Edited by JMW 01/23/21