Final Cleanup of the Bryant Mill Site

In 2010 a grant of 3.3 million dollars was given to the Michigan DEQ by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative to cleanup the Bryant Mill site and restore Portage Creek to its natural state between Alcott St. and Reed St. Worked started in May 2011 and was completed in December 2011. 24,000 tons of concrete and 1000 tons of steel were recycled. There were toxic substances, mostly oil and some heavy metals, found. About 40,000 tons of toxic substance impacted soil was removed from the site. I've created some slide shows of the work, one for the demolition of remaining mill structures and three for the creek restoration.

Demolition of Mill Structures         Restoration of the Creek Part 1

The Creek from Alcott St Bridge         Restoration of the Creek Part 2

Aerial Shots of the Project

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